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Massage London Treatments and Therapies

Asian Massage in Singapore treatments and therapies are listed on the left of this page.
… please also take a few minutes to read my cancellation policy and post treatment information right here on this page.

If you’ve looked through the Asian Oriental massage treatments and therapies, and are unsure which one is suitable for you, please contact me either by phone or email and we can talk it through.

If you book a course of treatments, a discount will be given. If you recommend a friend I will also give you a £5.00 discount towards your next treatment.

I tailor treatments to suit each individual, treatments may vary as I incorporate different styles into the treatments. For example, I might use Hot Sensual Compress Massage techniques after stretching muscles using Tantric Massage techniques; or I will use hot stones in a back massage. I might incorporate Prostate  with the Tantric Massage in London.

I work evenings and weekends.

I work anywhere in London, providing Outcall massage London

Asian Massage LondonCancellation Policy and Post Treatment Information

A minimum of 24 hours notice would be appreciated if you are unable to keep your appointment, as often other clients may be able to use your appointment space.

All new clients will be required to provide in-confidence information to determine medical suitability of certain treatments. This consultation will take approximately 15 minutes.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body. Massage is part of alternative therapies which see health not as an absence of illness or injury, but as “comfort in your own skin”.

An Integrative Adaptive approach to massage is about listening carefully to you as a client, and weaving together elements from a variety of massage styles, Eastern and Western. I began practicing massage over ten years ago and have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education. I have a large “tool box”, and I like to mix things up for my clients. No body is the same, so no session is the same. I custom-blend sessions rather than offering protocol-based work off of a “spa menu”. I’m well-versed in basic Swedish, Deep Tissue/ Connective tissue work, Trigger Point, Table Thai, Zen Shaitsu and Cranial-Sacral. I’m currently a student of the Trager appoach.
Please note: All services are therapeutic, ethical and non-sexual.

Asian massage London therapist BIO
I grew up in the Westminster, Central London the daughter of a nurse and a chemist (my father was the nurse). This is an amazing place to live, rich in culture and counter-culture. It’s an established mecca for folks who are interested in health, healing, and alternative ways of seeing and being in their bodies. I started taking yoga at the age of 15, but have had enough injuries and setbacks to know what it’s like to need a little help to feel good again.

I work with a wide variety of people – those who seek relief of a specific issue and those who desire simple relaxation.
My clients have included, but are not limited to, people who are:

  • athletes or weekend warriors
  • dealing with chronic pain, RSI or fibromyalgia
  • managing migraines
  • recovering from surgery
  • dancers
  • musicians
  • yoga addicts
  • pilates devotees
  • all ages
  • stressed out from work
  • massage connoisseurs